Cannabis at the Border Patrol Checkpoints

Johnn Osborn
Apr 29, 2024By Johnn Osborn

Over the past two months, Border Patrol agents have confiscated over $300,000 worth of cannabis from licensed businesses in southern New Mexico. These seizures are occurring at checkpoints located up to 80 miles north of the U.S.-Mexico border, disrupting the legal cannabis supply chain.

In a recorded conversation with a senior federal official, Lujan Grisham expressed her frustration, stating that she feels "boxed in" by the federal government's crackdown on New Mexico's thriving cannabis industry. Lujan Grisham raised her concerns directly with Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, but was met with a dismissive response, with Mayorkas reportedly telling her "Who cares? They make a lot of money."  

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The New Mexico Cannabis Chamber of Commerce has reported that federal agents have stopped 12 licensed businesses and seized over $300,000 worth of product. This is despite the fact that cannabis is legal for both recreational and medical use under state law. The governor and her administration are now working to devise a strategy to protect New Mexico's cannabis industry from these federal seizures. 

As the conflict between state and federal marijuana laws continues, Governor Lujan Grisham is making it clear that New Mexico will not back down in defending New Mexico's legal cannabis businesses from the overreach of Border Patrol checkpoints.

As an attorney, I'm closely monitoring this situation, as it raises significant legal concerns around the conflict between state and federal cannabis laws. The governor's willingness to confront federal officials and defend New Mexico's legal cannabis industry is commendable and could have important implications for businesses and individuals in the industry.

If you or your cannabis business are facing challenges due to federal interference at border checkpoints, I encourage you to reach out to me to discuss your legal options. Together, we can work to protect your rights and ensure the integrity of New Mexico's legal cannabis market.

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