Small Business Representation

Save time and ensure accuracy with our Business Maintenance Plan. For one low monthly fee, we can draft and review your legal documents such as contracts, agreements, and wills, tailored to your specific needs. 

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Small Business Representation

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Business Formation and Structure:

  • Advising on the appropriate type of business entity (e.g., LLC, corporation, partnership).
  • Assisting with the legal formation of the business.
  • Drafting and reviewing partnership agreements or operating agreements.
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Contracts and Agreements:

  • Drafting, reviewing, and negotiating contracts.
  • Advising on contract law and ensuring compliance.
  • Handling breach of contract disputes.
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Litigation Support and Dispute Resolution:

  • Representing clients in court for business-related disputes.
  • Advising on alternative dispute resolution methods like arbitration and mediation.
  • Handling settlement negotiations.
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Real Estate and Property:

  • Assisting with commercial real estate transactions.
  • Advising on property leases and purchases.
  • Handling land use and zoning matters.
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Intellectual Property Protection:

  • Assisting with the registration of trademarks and patents.
  • Advising on intellectual property rights and licensing.
  • Handling intellectual property disputes.
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Regulatory Compliance:

  • Ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Advising on industry-specific legal requirements.
  • Assisting with audits and regulatory investigations.
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Mergers and Acquisitions:

  • Advising on the legal aspects of mergers, acquisitions, and business sales.
  • Conducting due diligence.
  • Drafting and negotiating acquisition agreements.
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Business and Personal Succession Planning:

  • Advising on business succession plans.
  • Drafting buy-sell agreements.
  • Planning for business continuity.

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